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(Full!) Join this Start-up Redraft league....12-team Full PPR on ESPN 1-keeper *will take waitlist if players drop out so message me*


I created a 12man Full PPR redraft league with 1-keeper on ESPN.

Format is going to be:
1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1 Flex (rb,wr,te) 1D/ST 1K

Qb scoring will be 1 point for every 10 yards and 6-point per TD.
Other than that standard PPR scoring. I can answer more questions if you have any.

Id like to draft in about a month with dedicated owners.
From the East Coast will be drafting online based on (EST)
I will create a GroupMe so we can all communicate.

Please feel free to ask any questions and leave your email below if youd like an invite to check out the league!!!


@Bojitto @OH58D @merton_russell @Plouffedaddy i created this based off interest in another thread. let me know what you guys think so we can maybe move along with this process and actually get a league together


Sounds good to me!


I’m down but any chance we could go to Yahoo instead?


I already created the league on espn.


Not a big deal just my other 2 leagues are already on Yahoo. I’m down though. Are we going to make it a money league?


will be a league vote once it fills


Sounds good!


down to 6 left! @mike @AndyHolloway @JasonFFL


I’m looking for a competitive redraft league too, so why not. myndflyte32@yahoo.com


@tyler_schnute i have 7 already in basically the same league, want to merge into mine? were going to vote on a lot of stuff before the draft. let me know we need 5


Down to 4!


down to 2! first come first serve


I’m in! Chuck.balacy@gmail.com


I want in. brian1983miller@gmail.com


Who will be the last confirmed member???


Still got that spot left? Serious owner here; love to join. RLTOM9@gmail.com