FULL LEAGUE - 12 Tm Redraft League on Sleeper. Want dedicated FF players! FOOTCLAN! ASSEMBLLLLE!

League is now full. Thanks FootClan!

What’s up Footclan!

Last year was my first year playing fantasy football and I was immediately hooked and found the FF Ballers. I lost the semifinal playoff match up by less than a point and would’ve won the championship if Drew Brees would’ve just completed another pass (breaks phone.) Anyway needless to say i’m borderline obsessed with fantasy football and owe all of that to the fantasy footballers! I’m looking for a good group of fantasy football players that’ll be attentive to the league all season long.

I want to do a FREE redraft league on sleeper (I’m already bought in to two other leagues). 12 team PPR 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex. I’m willing to boot the K and DEF positions if that’s what the league wants, I could care less if they’re a position in the league or not!

Let me know if you want to join! Would love to meet the FootClan community and do what we’re all here to do, PLAY FANTASY FOOTBALL!


Hey! I’m down to join your league :+1:

My sleeper username is ffassassin55

Awesome! I’m gonna set the league up and get the invites out today. Thanks a lot man and nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you too :grin:

Hey! I’d love to join. My sleeper name is jgeist56 (Same as here)

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Solid! Welcome!

Hey, glad to have you in the footclan! I’d be happy to join. My username is TheJetVet.


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Hey man I’d love to be in the league. My sleeper name is Zearez15

I sent you a direct message. Would love to be in the league

welcome aboard!

Hey I’m in if you still have spots! My sleeper username is ehausamann7

If you have a slot open I’m down.

Username: jardz16.acndirect

Sounds good! I’ll invite you and get you all set up

Is that your sleeper username? Can’t find you when I search you.

I appreciate that. Stay blessed @micah_bondon

Sure thing! welcome!

It is. Even says so where is says username.

I believe that’s for your fantasy footballers account. Do you have a sleeper account? That’s the platform we’re gonna use for the league.

Oh yea bad. New you the footclan lol.