Full MELTDOWN Mode - Aka how to score 190 pts and STILL LOSE

I just scored over 190 points and GOT BEAT!

This might be the most epic war I’ve ever seen in fantasy.

I had D Cook, Herbert, Andrews and Dallas D

He had Allen, Adams, Conner & Renfrow

Out to a big lead with Cook on Thursday night so I’m feeling pretty good, but I still do my homework. Damien Harris is on bye for me so I pick up Jeff Wilson Jr. for the flex, dropping A.J. Green from my bench as Hopkins was now back. (first mistake)

Waivers clear and I somehow got Wilson for zero faab on Thurs AM so time to pull Christian Kirk out of the flex (second mistake) because Hopkins is back and it’s looking like Deebo isn’t going to play.

Sunday morning I consider flexes, I rule Josh Reynolds out early as he’s playing early slate (third mistake) and decide I’m going to decide between Wilson Jr., S. Perine or Kirk as I see how the early games progress.

Still up a decent amount as late games approach. Deebo is now active but I still think Wilson will carry a lot of the load with Mitchell out and Mixon is playing in spite of not practicing all week so I don’t place S. Perine in in place of Wilson (fourth mistake) I watch Josh Allen go from doing nothing to 300 passing, 100 rushing, 2 passing td and a rushing td to match what Cook had done Thursday and wipe that out while Herbert was pulled a few series early since they had the lead. But hey, Andrews outscored his TE Engram 31-1 and my kicker and defense outscored his kicker and defense by 26 pts so I still feel alright.

After afternoon slate I am up 55 points with David Montgomery to go against D. Adams and J. Conner. Even that doesn’t feel safe. Montgomery is meh, most of the game while Adams goes ham for two touchdowns but David I think bails me out towards the end of the game with a lot of garbage time dump offs from Fields that I didn’t expect.

Okay, I’m still up 33 points versus just Conner and he’s only scored more than 30 once this season, plus Chase Edmunds has been activated from the IR.

Monday night comes and Chase Edmunds isn’t activated. Yahoo only projects Conner at around 12 pts but I know that’s BS, but still Yahoo’s game projection still shows me favored to win 97% to 3%. Okay, I still got this. I’m good.

First quarter and Conner catches three passes really quick and ends up with a touchdown as he evades Aaron Donald’s grasp, how often does that happen. He’s got 17 at half but hey as long as he doesn’t score another TD I should be fine.

3rd quarter Conner runs over entire RAMS D and pushed them 7 yards into the end zone for another touchdown It’s less than five points now. This isn’t looking good.

4th quarter early Conner gets one dump off to cut things to a couple of points, but Cards are down and they result to keeping Conner in most plays to block so they can throw deeper and try to get some chunk plays. 4th and 9, whew… I’ve made it. I’m going to get out of here by the skin of my teeth. Kyler throws 40 yard bomb to Kirk (on my bench) to continue the drive. Alright take a deep breath they still need to be doing the same thing and going down the field and keeping him in to block.

And that’s what they did as they used up a lot of clock and settled for a field goal.

Whew, I’ve made it.

Sure they will try an onside kick, but what are the odds they get that in the NFL these days with the newer rules. Never happens.

SON OF A *!@$@!

Cards get first onsides kick conversion since 2008…

Okay they need a miracle now they are just going to throw up a hail mary so I should still be safe. Kyler makes a bad decision. Ball looks like an easy INT for the defense… NO! DROPPED IT! GRRRRRRR… It’s okay…

Next to last play, Kyler still needs a miracle as time is under 30 seconds and they aren’t even close to the end zone. He’s under pressure… DUMPS IT OFF TO JAMES CONNER. My opponents score ticks up to 192.82. My score 192.40.

It meant nothing in the scheme of the actual game for that to happen.

I’m desperate… Okay like maybe they will try to do a play where they toss the ball around and do a bunch of laterals and Conner will get it and toss it away and it will be ruled a fumble… Yeah that’s what’ll happen…

Kyler runs for his life and is sacked.


Not only did I lose, but had I left well enough alone and put virtually ANYONE on my bench in over Jeff Wilson Jr. then I would have still won in spite of his team’s incredible effort.

Oh and I forgot to mention. I traded Conner to my opponent earlier this year…

Time to take a deep breath and compose myself.

Like a great coach once said…

“We’re on to Cincinnati”


Yeah, I had a couple losses this year where if I would have played the initial player instead if tilting, would have been wins.

I feel your pain. Hopefully you still made the playoffs though!

Are you really good at describing a situation or are we just so dorky about fantasy football that I hung on every word? That’s tough man!


No playoffs. Final standings. If people on your team sit last week or two its a free for all to have your team set up and prepared for that situation. It’s a local league that someone else used to run that I inherited and the majority doesn’t want to go playoff route. Mostly the same guys every year, great bunch of guys, it’s just what they are used to.

I’m in first was two, now one game up on the guy that beat me but he’s now beat me twice in head to head so if we end up with same record he beats me. One other team is one game behind me and I have the head to head over them currently. Three way tie and it will revert back to points, which the team that just beat me currently has over me by about 15 pts. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks, 9/12 teams are .500 or better or 3 games back or less.

I’ve been on both sides of it before, but never in a game where both teams scored that many points.

Probably both. :slight_smile:

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My reward for scoring 190 and losing…

Facing Travis Kelce who scored 49.10 to start out the following week. Oh and I face Nick Chubb, who is the entire Browns offense this week too.

Survived Kelce unless Russell Wilson drops over 40 tonight.

Thank you MANdrews…

Lost Godwin in the process and trade deadline has passed.

Sorry to hear about the Godwin loss.

Only 1 team survived the playoffs this week for me and that was because of a bye week (with Kelce on the bench :sob:).

I won first round playoffs one league.

I made playoffs that start this week in another.

I’m 5-9 in other league with virtually the same team minus Joe Mixon as the team that won in playoffs this week.

This league is straight record full year, head to head tie break, then points 2nd tie break .

I have Kirk and AJ Green so I think I might can skirt by if I can just pick which opponent is going to be weaker at each game, either slot or outside since Hopkins is out and Moore is looking out. I also have Josh Reynolds which looks okay.

I didn’t feel too bad before since it was full PPR and Godwin was getting all these targets/catches even if the tds weren’t coming, but literally when I drafted it was Godwin or Kupp and I went Godwin. That hurts a little now after Kupp went for 2 more tds this week. Dude’s been match up proof.

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