Full-Need 1 player for a .5ppr keeper league

Need 1 player for .5ppr keeper league. 1st year for league. It’s on the sleeper app.


I’m interested, what’s the details? Cost? League Roster? How many Keepers?

I second this question

Hey man I have a league just starting up 12 team .5 PPR $25 buy using sleeper app/ league safe if your interested message me on sleeper @Jwhyel34

I’m interested! Want to send me the information on how to sign up? Is it a keeper league or redraft or dynasty?

Hey man add me on sleeper @Jwhyel34 if you already did I may have accidentally deleted it

Hey bro, here is the league link.
It is a redraft league. https://sleeper.app/i/z81Naj6azNxq