Full point PPR 2 Keepers Help?

12 team 2 keeper full point ppr league
Help with which two keepers:
Do I keep McCaffrey and Barkley and lose my 1st and 2nd round picks?

I like McCaffery and Barkley, you’ll lose 1st and 2nd round but you’re getting two 1st rounders.

There’s a lot of WR that you can get that have potential of being WR1. Cooks I am not sold on completely.

Juju is a good option but the value you’re getting for McCaffery and Barkley, to me, outweighs getting Juju.

Getting two solid RB would be most important in my opinion.

Thanks @vitale04 I definitely agree that the value of McCaffrey and Barkley outweighs JuJu, this is our first year doing keepers so want to be sure it’s worth the risk to keep both RB’s

RB’s will always be important especially the value you’re getting.

Barkley and CMC gives you the top 2 RBs and they’ll typically be more receiver talent available than RBs I’m keeper drafts