Full point PPR OBJ or Kerryon? keeper

I can keep two in a full point PPR. I have Kamara, OBJ, and Kerryon. Obviously keeping Kamara… OBJ or Kerryon?

with how the question is asked, it would be OBJ. but, there are plenty of things i dont know that would make the choice become more clear.

is there a round penalty or do you just get to keep them?

do you know what spot you are drafting from?

how many players in your league?

how well do you know your league mates? are they RB, WR heavy teams, and do any of them go QB early? (first 4 rounds)

I just get to keep them.

I am last for the third year in a row

10 team league

Some are wild cards but it will mostly be RBs that are kept

drafting last in a 2 man keeper with no round penalty is like starting a draft with pick 3.10. i would change my answer to Kamara and KJ. i love OBJ and all, and think he will do well with baker and the browns. but, RBs are always more valuable, especially guys that should/could finish as an RB1. lock up your RBs and draft WRs my friend.

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Right?! Its a tough choice… but that was my original instinct, I am just having second thoughts as the deadline draws near. Thanks for the reassurance!

I agree with @BusterD on points.

I have a really hard time giving up OBJ due to what he could do. We hope for both of them (KJ & OBJ) to do what we expect. Assuming they do I would lean for KJ. My only hesitation is we have seen OBJ crush it and we are hoping KJ will. I would not fault you for OBJ as well given the longer shelf-life of WRs. In the end, though, I would probably lean into KJ since it is PPR. He ought to be the main back and will definitely catch passes. Let’s say OBJ gets 100 receptions. It is not too hard to see KJ pull down 60 receptions. That on top of rushing capabilities is pretty tempting.

The good news is I think WR is super deep. Yes you are passing on a top end talent, but you can still find many WR2/WR3 with serious upside. Harder to find those in the RB category.

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