Full point PPR trade: Miller for Ertz

Full Point PPR: I have been offered a trade: Zach Ertz and Marvin Jones Jr. for Cameron Brate and Lamar Miller. I would be getting Miller and Brate in this trade. Is this a fair trade? I need a good RB1 and he needs a solid TE

Honestly I think you’re winning that for sure. Ertz is good but you’re getting an RB1 ROS. Hard to beat that, plus Brate who is top 8 TE, no brainer here. I mean you should honestly probably give more.

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This is a fine trade. I don’t like to make sure that the trade for both sides weighs the same exact amount, I only say this because this has been an issue in a couple of my leagues, getting trades vetoed. The argument actually was that I was giving too much. Anyways…it’s a wash. Sounds like this is helping both teams.