Full point PPR trade summary

I traded Austin Ekeler and Sammy Watkins for Le’Veon Bell. Full PPR, 4 bench spots No IR. I have tyreek hill on my bench and a really strong receiver core with Hopkins,Cooper kupp, Diggs and Moore. With my RBs being only Michelle, Fournette and Ekeler. What do you think #Footclan. Did I make a mistake or will this give me more RB security long run? Still looking for more trades to get RB depth if I can. Thanks guys!!!

Also who would you target for RB with DJ Moore and Cooper potentially on the Block

I think it was a good trade looking forward in the future, with the possibility that Melvin Gordon returns, and Hill becomes the #1 WR for the chiefs again

Do you mind looking at my question? Thanks!

Didn’t get a notification man sorry. I usually do. I definitely have faith in hill when he gets back.

Anything guys? Don’t know how to feel about it

The Trade wasn’t terrible considering we don’t know what Ekeler’s rest of season will look like, but hes hard to give up with the way he’s been playing. Either way I don’t hate this trade, it’s decent.

Thanks man. I figured I’d get a top 5 talent for a guy with high value and the WR that’s likely to cool off when hill gets back. Best case scenario anyways