Full point PPR WR advice needed this week bad------

Can’t afford to play Fuller this week since Shady layed an egg-I have T Hill and can’t do the Will Fuller Experience even against the Colts without D Watson so thinking of picking up one of these receivers as I’m playing a 2 and 5 team that will beat me if I don’t make a move on this-Sanu—Marvin Jones–Corey Davis and Lockett or Richardson AND I HAVE JIMMY GRAHAM starting----2 points per reception and .20 per yard------All feedback appreciated!!! THANKS…

im in your same sit. minus the 2 point per reception!

i picked up Jones. I already have baldwin so I was not going to double up on richardson

jones or sanu is my suggestion

i went with jones

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I’m leaning towards M Jones but Sanu seems to be safer in my opinion-idk?

Sanu is getting a lot of targets and Julio draws a lot of defensive attention and opens things up-

Yea i agree on sanu. He will get targets.

im still kinda up in the air on going Jones\Sanu\Ginn

jones got 11 targets last week even with Tate back

Even thought about nabbing Hilton in hopes of a come back.

but alas…

If ya look at Hiltons numbers this year he has only been productive in 2 games against 2 terrible teams-He is stash or trade for better piece this year-Irsay sure screwed a lot of Colts fans and fantasy players-I hope this isn’t a career problem for Luck-He’s a good dude-

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I’m gonna play Sanu or M Jones-Been looking at stats and still can’t decide-

flip a coin man :slight_smile:

on paper jones has a better match up.

but if paper was right why would we need these forums :stuck_out_tongue:

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