[Full] Pokemon Dynasty Startup, Not Your Typical Scoring Rules

Pokemon themed league! Pokemon typing multipliers added into the fantasy football scoring rules (briefly explained below).

Start 6, 2 superflex & 4 flex. League chat on GroupMe App.
28 team 2 player copy (MyFantasyLeague) and $35 buy in (LeagueSafe).

-Each team picks a Pokemon type to represent their team.
-Every NFL player is given a Pokemon type (based on the team they’re on) to represent the type of damage they have.
-Players can score double, half, normal, or even none of the points they output for the week based off of these typings.

Lets say my opponents for the week has a water type Pokemon to represent their team. I decide to start Keenan Allen from (electric type) against them and he scores 15 points. His points would get a x2 multiplier and he would get 30 points for the week (since Electric is super effective against Water). On the other hand, I also decide to start Joe Mixon (fire type) and he scores 20 points. His points would be cut in half and he would get 10 points for the week (since Fire is not very effective against Water).

A full list of types and effectiveness and rules are listed in the by-laws:

I am not the commish, but advertising. Feel free to ask questions and show interest either here or through my email at dovid74@aol.com