Full PPR, 10 Team, 4 keeper league

I’m coming off a really bad year fantasy wise (let’s put it this way, I started the year with Jordan Howard, Alex Collins, Jarvis, Keenan, and Doug Baldwin… It was a bad time for me) I need help picking my keepers to contend with some of the power houses that have names like Gurley, Saquon, Ertz, Julio, Kupp… and that’s all on one team. Yup.

Anyways, here’s my pool as of now.
Devonta Freeman
Marlon Mack
Philip Lindsay
Kerryon Johnson
Mark Ingram*
Amari Cooper
Jarvis Landry
Doug Baldwin

Thoughts on who I should keep?

Also, should I trade for any names that may be available like Fournette, TY Hilton, OBJ?

*Assuming Ingram signs with like Houston, Jets, Chiefs, etc

Before I give my advice, are there round penalties to consider? For example, Freeman is kept as a 2nd rounder but Lindsay is a 7th or is a free for all and everyone is kept for free?

It’s free for all, no penalties to consider

In that case, you have a ton of RB2s with possible RB1 potential. I would look to sell any of them since they all have equal opportunity to perform well next year. If you know someone in your league likes a particular guy (lets say Mack) combine him and another RB or WR to go get any RB1 or WR1. Realistically, you might be able to get guys like:
Lev (worries about new team)
DJ (worries about last years poor utilization)
Fournette (same as DJ)
Michael Thomas (unlikely but he sucked in FF playoffs so maybe someone is upset)
TY Hilton (should bounce back)
AB (same as Bell)

There are other names too; but, the idea is to package trade not just two guys but one or both of the players to an owner who is a fan of them.

Agree with @michael_pounders. However it will be hard to move the players yoy have. Lots of players coming off of injury, as you already know. Since trading will depend on so much i dont know, I’ll focus on the other senario. If you cant trade for a top tier WR, the players i would keep. I would keep your two best recievers, Cooper and Landry, and then keep RBs Freeman and Kerryon Johnson. I think Freeman can rebound to an RB 1 and Kerryon should be great as well. Then target Mack in the draft, because he is going later. You could swap out Lindsay for Freeman if you want, i know hes going sooner. Draft 2nd or third year WRs that have a chance at tier jumping. Draft skilled RBs that have the chance of becoming solid workhorses. Its tough coming back from the year you had, but its a new year.