Full PPR - 14 team league - Jacobs for Chubb

Getting: Nick Chubb and Jerry Jeudy
Trading: Josh Jacobs and Emmanuel Sanders

My best WR are Tyler Boyd and Dionte Johnson (lost Courtland Sutton)

i think jacobs will have more touches just based on the fact that he’s their best offensive player by a lot, while chubb has to share the backfield with hunt and that ball gets spread around, but i dont hate the deal, it depends on your personal feeling on jacobs, and how much of an upgrade you believe jeudy is over sanders. i’d probably hold steady unless i get offered a bit better of a 2nd piece than jeudy, but im also a big jacobs fan and probably a bit biased.


Thanks for the input, I just feel like Jeudy’s value will go up when Lock returns, while Sander’s value will decrease with Thomas returning. But yeah, I mostly agree with what you said.

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