Full PPR, 2nd round pick Fornette or Thomas (details inside)

So I have the 1rst pick in our keeper league, and S Barkley as I predicted is the best available in our full PPR scoring system. Gurley, Bell, A Johnson, A Brown, Kamara are all being kept as first round picks. Our league has kind of a batty keeper system, so everyone who decides to keep a player kind of suffers. There is no keeping top players in 9th round etc…

WIth that said, I have kept Stephon Diggs in the third, Kenyon Drake in the 4rth which I know does not sound awesome, but if you saw some of the other players and how they fell it looks much better for other people who also kept players in the same rounds. Everyone faces the same consequence of keeping players so all in all it’s rather fair. I also kept Phillip RIvers with the 11th round pick.

Because two players are keeping players who pick ahead of me in the second I have 4 people choosing before me. It looks like two players are going to be available to me and those two are Leonard Fornette and Michael Thomas.

That’s where my question lies. Since I’ll have Barkley in the 1rst, S. DIggs in the third, and Drake in the 4rth, who would be the better fit for my team in the second round: Fornette or Michael Thomas, keeping in mind that it’s full PPR.

Thomas. He’s a monster and non injury prone. On top of that, no Ingram for 4 games and nobody to fill that role to that level. Thomas will get more RZ work.

I don’t think the difference will be massive but it’s those first 4 games where MT will shine.

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Agreed. Thomas in a full PPR. If you’re short on RB take some PPR upside guys later in the draft. but Thomas in the second in a full PPR league is great.

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Thanks guys!

Fornette is a no brainer for me. I love Thomas in a shootout but with Kamara in the lineup…he might give you some headaches.

If you get Fournette hedge your bet with Yeldon. Shaking hands with danger without him.

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Love an RB but have to go MT here, he’s a 100/1200 type WR and even with 5 TDs was number 6 on the year and outscored Fournette. If Brees throws more towards his career average number of TDs the you have to give MT at least a few more but say he gets 7 or 8 finishing as a top 3 guy on the year is possibly, top 5 for sure.

As mentioned if you take Fournette you need Yeldon there to insure your investent as you’ll need 16 games from Fournette to outscore MT in PPR, he’ll get maybe 40 receptions but if he goes down Yeldon will be a solid RB2 right away. So if you dont have him you’ll rue passing on MT, he’s the safer choice. You have more options on later RBs in PPR to be able to get a solid flex or better depending on whos there. You wont get anything like MT though bar injury luck and someone steps into an increased role as a result