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Full PPR 2QB + Multiflex Draft Strategy


Format: 10 team, Full PPR, Pass TD = 6pt

Roster: 2QB 2RB 2WR 2Flex 1TE 1D/ST 1K, 6 bench

This is my first year doing a 2QB league, and so adding an extra flex spot is throwing an extra wrench into things and I need your help! Where I’m currently drafting Luck consistently falls to me and very rarely Brees/Matty Ice, and 2 of the big 3 WR’s + McCoy are usually there. With 6 spots in between pics I usually have one of tier 3 RB’s or another of my top 5 WR’s available, and a few less options at QB. If I wait till the 3rd, I’m usually left with Dalton or Stafford as the best options available, and then Dalton usually sticks around for a few rounds.

Should I reach for QB like Luck, or Stafford/Dalton, or load up on the amazing value at RB/WR in the first several rounds, and go with mid tier RB’s or possibly even wait till the later rounds when people are scrambling to fill out their roster and snag a few of the following (Palmer, Cutler, Bradford, Flacco) in hopes that I hit on atleast one, and if nothing else I have superb depth and have the pieces to construct a trade for a consistent QB option?

Sorry for the long post, and thank you for your help!!!


In a 2 QB league myself…

Plp will over value QBs usually.

Def go and scoop up good RB and Wr… Let the QB runs happen and jump in when it’s died down…
I’d think you would do mighty well with a palmer, dalton, wentz, Stafford, rivers…

I’d def try to get one of those… And heck if luck falls really far nab him… But don’t reach or feel the need to take QBs when they start flying off the board. Grab up the good positional players and then when the QB run has subsided grab you a capable one.


Same strategy as in redraft. You’ll just be forced to take QBs earlier. I’m targeting the same guys. 2-3 of the Stafford, Dalton, Rivers, etc class.