Full PPR - Carson, Julio & Woods for CMC & Allen Robinson

Would you trade away Woods, Carson and Julio Jones for CMC & Allen Robinson in full PPR (2RB, 2WR, 1Flex)?

My team:
QB: Murray
RB: Najee Harris, Carson, Ty’son Williams, Gainwell, Sermon
WR: Adams, Woods, Julio, Shenault, Golladay
TE: Kittle

My team after trade:
QB: Murray
RB: CMC, Najee Harris, Ty’son Williams, Gainwell, Sermon
WR: Adams, A Robinson, Shenault, Golladay
TE: Kittle

For sure, you’re getting CMC and in a full PPR he’s a cheat code. Robinson is fine and probably more consistant that Julio this year as the seaosn continues.

So look at it Robinson > Julio and CMC >> Woods + Carson, you’re getting the best player and upgrading. Flex will sort itself out, CMC is such a boost you can’t turn it down.

yes. Definitely.

CMC, Kyler and Adams is a trio that will push you over the top in a few games by themselves. Robinson added too makes it just a really strong deal for you in my opinion.

You have a good team before the deal, but this is a difference making trade as normally acquiring CMC means gutting your team.

Pull the trigger now.