Full PPR, Cole or Westbrook

Who’s the WR to own in a full PPR league? After Lees injury who should be the owned wideout in Jax? Have both right now and will need to pick up a kicker

I think Westbrook is the better player, but I’m not sure they agree. Really a toss up for me.

I think Westbrook is better, but with Cole in the slot I think in PPR he may be a touch safer. With that said if it was my team I would go Westbrook because his ceiling is much high IMO

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I honestly have the weirdest gut feeling , Dede showed out last year as did Cole for what they could do anyway .

But for some reason I think Dede should do better but I think Cole will and I think DJ and Moncrief will mess things up just enough to make both frustrating plays every week but some weeks Cole will have great games . Wr3 reliability with low wr1 weeks .

Again just from what I know of the jags plus a gut feeling, if you disagree that’s fine , I’ve been thinking Dede would be a sleeper until this injury and now I’m more in on Cole purely off gut.

I know I’m in the minority but I have a weird gut feeling it’s actually going to be Moncrief. Crazy right? I know, I know… :disappointed:

Honestly, I’d be less surprised if Moncrief were cut.