Full PPR- Crowder/Mixon/James White/Guice

Choose 1- I’ve wanted to start Crowder but concerned about his bad games lately and Robby Anderson getting more. Leaning heavily toward Mixon right now.

Thoughts anyone?

Changing this: Crowder/Mixon/White/Tate/Shepherd
Choose 1- Looking for things to consider.

I personally would say White for upside.
Shepard would be second due to eagles being a good target. Risky though because Eli is back so could be different play and barkley could get more targets. Also, Eagles are good against the slot, so hopefully tate plays then shepard would be moved to the outside.
I love Tate but nervous based on above comment
Crowder has great matchup but last 3 weeks (5 catches for 8 targets, 2 for 4, and 2 for 9).
Don’t follow Mixon enough to know.

Thanks for your reply!