Full PPR - D Pettis @ TB or Robby A vs BUF

For my 2nd Flex spot in a full PPR, I am torn between Pettis (who plays vs a piss-poor TB defense) and Robby Anderson who is home vs BUF (and plays Tredavious White - prolly one of the top CB’s in the league!). Both seem to nursing soft tissue injuries.

The Week 1 rankings have Robby way ahead of Pettis in a Full PPR - but the Start/Sit tool has Andy, Jason & Mike favoring Pettis!

So #footclan - who will it be - Pettis or Robby A? Thanks for your input!

anderson isnt healthy right now and he may play but how much/how many snaps…couple that with going up against arguably a top 5 corner back in the league doesnt bode well for him…that tampa sanfran game could have a big point total which would benefit the #1 on each team. I would play pettis over anderson purely due to the unknown with that injury.

Thanks @boardereric9 - yeah I was thinking the same for this week