Full PPR--Do you want Marvin Jones or Fitzgerald ROS?

Redraft league. Thanks!

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What’s the rest of your depth looking like?

My WRs are Baldwin, Jones, Robinson, and Watkins.

I am really worried Fitz value won’t be anywhere near where it was expected to be because of the complete inability of the offense to function. I believe in Stafford and the Lions far more at this point. Also Larry is getting pretty old.

Are you concerned that Jones seems to be the 3rd option for the Lions? Seems like he relies on TDs to score any relevant points right now

Hard to imagine that he and Stafford don’t get on the same page again and he’s been inches away from another 150+ yards and 2-3 TDs already.

So was Julio last year @Riles. Marvin Jones is due for regression but he is struggling a bit more than we’d expect. I hope Larry can turn it around…

I guess my point is that they clearly aren’t on the same page and he’s still been serviceable in both games so far, he’s not disappearing, just not blowing up at the moment.

Id still go with fitzgerald. He is the #1 in the offense. lions are spreading the ball around. Marvin jones didnt have a ton of receptions last season. The emergence of kenny g significantly hurts his value.

I would lean Jones personally. Fitz is bound to show age at some point, all players do. Plus the offense there is awful. I also think if they start to line up DJ in the slot I don’t think that helps him either. Jones has been bad this year but has still had 2 solid days and is a TD guy. I’m not saying Jones will score 12 TDs, but he has a better QB on a better offense.