Full PPR Dynasty Trade Advice

I’m in a full PPR 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2FL dynasty league and am weak at TE (Kittle and Clay).

However, I am deep at WR (OBJ, K.Allen, Landry, Watkins, M.Jones, Crowder, young depth).

I got offered Penny, Rudolph, and Hogan for K.Allen.

I think this is a terrible trade for me. Do you guys agree? Also, how much of do you guys value K.Allen in a full PPR dynasty? I personally view him as a top 10-12 WR for the next few years.

I’d pass on that trade. Maybe if I’m desperate at RB but even then, enough questions around Penny for me to pause for concern.

In a full PPR dynasty, Allen is not only a top 10-12, I have him on the middle/higher end of that range. He’s young and is an absolute stud technician. One of the best route runners in the league, same tier as AB and OBJ. And he sees a tonne of targets. Maybe people make the injury risk but I mean, which top WR doesn’t have injury risk. I don’t really factor that into my decision unless its someone like Alshon who is just indefinitely injured every single season.

If you make this trade, you’re getting an upgrade at TE, although not even sure how big of an upgrade that would be over streaming kittle/clay based on matchups. And what you lose on your starting roster is the drop off from Allen to Landry/m.jones which is enormous in terms of both point production and just week to week reliability. Allen will single handedly win you weeks. ANd Hogan will be good for this year but who knows if he’ll still be relevant next year. And given you’re line up above, I don’t even know if he even makes it into your starting lineup.

ANd like I said, I don’t know your RB situation but if you even have 2-3 RBs that are startable, I would keep my my proven asset in Allen.

Yeah that is my thinking exactly. I have Mixon, Henry, Hyde, CJ Anderson, and Sony Michel which I think will be able to get me two solid starting RBs for this season at a minimum.

I agree. Keenan Allen should fetch you far more.

Kittle and Clay solid TE options. I would be looking for a TE prospect from the waiver wire or trading a 3rd or 4th round draft for your favorite sleeper TE to shore up that position.

You have no reason to need RBs. This is a great RB core. Stay away from this trade like the plague.

I may be in the minority but I have Michel at above Penny. I have him as my 2nd but can’t hate on anyone who prefers guice. See this thread here for all the back and forth and debating I did for Michel. They made great points for Guice as well but the Penny arguments didn’t stick for me.


The trade won’t be bad if Penny turns out to be a superstar. But there is too much risk involved at this point in time. Plus Allen is still plenty young and has a lot of great years ahead of him. Hold him for a sure thing like Dalvin Cook or Melvin Gordon or something