Full PPR Dynasty Trade Review

Who wins this deal?

Team 1: Receives Fournette, Crabtree

Team 2: Receives McCoy, Jeffery, 1.08

I think thats about as close to 50:50 as you can get. I think team 1 edges out team 2 because team 1 got a young running back which tells me they are a young team. Team 2 got an old one and a pick so I cant tell if their team is rebuilding or win-now; that means they players may not fit their roster construction well. I also think Crabtree and Jeffery will finish near one another this year.

Thanks for the feedback! So I offered this deal as Team 2, I’m in win-now mode but only have one RB (RBs are Fournette, Gore, Steward, Mike Davis, Breida, etc…not good) and required to start 2. Thinking the trade allows me a RB who should hopefully offer similar value in a PPR league for the next two year window and get another startable RB. WRs are currently Julio, Evans, D. Adams, Crabtree, R. Anderson, D. Jackson, C. Meredith and some others. We have 4 FLEX spots so deep line-ups.

Mostly like Jeffery’s age and offense better than Crabtree and unsure about Fournette holding up long term and providing top 5 value in a PPR league. Appreciate the feedback!

You clearly thought this through; and, even though I’m just one fantasy player, I like the trade.

Thanks Michael!

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I’d say team one, fairly comfortably. Sorry.

I think team 1 won this pretty easily. McCoy is somewhat of a wildcard at this point with that offense. Jeffrey and Crabtree is close to a wash, but I’d rather have Jeffrey. 1.08 is just a throw in piece pretty much. Fournette is clearly the best player in this trade, and the upgrade from Crabtree to Jeffrey and 1.08 don’t really make up the gap between McCoy and Fournette.

Thanks for the feedback! The trade hasn’t been responded to but this is all good feedback. Thanks guys!

Does it become closer in your guys minds if Crabtree is changed to desean jackson or robby anderson?

I’d take Fournette & Crabtree. McCoy has a weak offense this year, and Jeffery isn’t consistent though did well with TD’s last year. However Fournette is a stud in the Top10 overall and Crabtree is starting for a QB that loves to throw.

Not really, no.

No, I’d take Crabtree over either of those guys actually. Very easily over DJax and still a comfortable margin over Anderson to me.