Full ppr ertz for David Montgomery

I’ll get David Montgomery. My other RB are Coleman, singletary, Michel and ty Johnson. My other Te is Waller. Jamal Williams and miles sanders are available on waivers. Chicago doesn’t have a bad schedule but I just don’t know if Montgomery is rb1 going forward.

I’d do it. Ertz isn’t getting the production you expected, and Waller is great. Stock up at RB, especially for the playoffs, injuries are coming. Monty could very well break out and be an RB1.

There is near no chance montgomery ends as a RB1… you’re telling me he’s gonna be better than CMC, cooks, barkley, Kamara, zeke, fournette, Carson, DJ (assuming he comes back), henry, chubb, aaron jones, josh Jacobs. I mean I have a hard time seeing him finish above like a devonta freeman?

No, of course not as a season-long RB1, because obviously he’s been mediocre, so he can’t catch up. But putting up RB1 points over the last couple of weeks, which is all that matters, yes. Just like Damien Williams, Chubb, and Henry were RB1s to finish last season, despite poor season long performances.

And he doesn’t have to be better than every one those guys to be an RB1, he just has to be in the top 10-12 (depending on league size), which I can see him doing if he keeps it up. He’s got a pretty good RB schedule ROS, and given 20+ touches a game, based off what we just saw him do, yes, I believe he can finish up there. I can definitely see him finishing the season better than Henry and Jacobs.

Season stats don’t really matter in fantasy, only game by game stats. If Monty can finish in the top dozen RBs each game ROS, he’s an RB1 moving forward.

Aw man, I’d bet against that all day. That’s like betting Hyde to finish as a RB1 who has more talent than Montgomery and is on a significantly better offense. The only way I could see him coming close is if he gets 25 touches every game. Maybe they’re finally ready to take the balls out of trubiskys hands but given that this season is already a wash I wouldn’t necessary be sure about that.

Yeah it’s not likely, more wishful thinking I suppose. That’s his ceiling, like a 8-14 each week, which isn’t bad, I think he has the talent with the opportunity. Given how Nagy seemed to do a 360 after the Saints, I definitely see Monty being used a ton in the coming weeks, along with a pretty good schedule.

With his roster, I’d take the chance. Waller is better fantasy-wise than Ertz, so he’s set at TE. Get Montgomery, and maybe he keeps it up and takes off, giving him a solid starter each week (that’s more what I meant as an “RB1” - a guy you can start each week and not have to worry about too much).