Full PPR Flex - Gibson, Moss or Scotty?

Leaning Scotty

as in miller? i think he has the best situation of the bunch based on news reports. Moss does get the green zone touches. the redskins backfield is peyton barber’s to lose…

yeah, Miller. Not byron.

Moss gets the thumbs up from the multi-player sit start tool. so there’s that. and gibson was rated above scotty miller.

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my tool says gibson and moss are like a toss-up. I guess it depends on TDs. I’m scared of barber vulturing goal line touches, AZ defense looked pretty good last week. Miami sucks and so does Carolinas.

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I have these same guys in a league and I’m starting Moss


@BravesFanSam_10 @thesisko good luck. I was looking at the footballers sit start tool. this is a tough one, i totally understand going moss for goal line and clock killing work porque miami es muy malo.

Full PPR has me thinking Miller, Gibson, Moss … but then I saw Miami. Who gets the bulk of the clock killing time–Moss or Singletary?

I’m taking the advise of waiting another week on Gibson … Miller is safe, Moss is more likely to get TDs

scotty miller was a complete dud :frowning:

Ya… sorry about that… I could of used Gibson’s points over a couple of duds in my lineup, too. I’m tilting fast w/ Sutton on IR, CMC out a few weeks, Golladay not playing yet, and Baltimore game script marginalizing Lamar … if that makes you feel any better :slight_smile: