Full PPR. I have Chicago and Philly RB's and wanted to understand the rest of the season outlook

I have the following RB’s and wanted to understand the rest of season outlook for them:

Cohen, Montgomery, B. Scott, Miles Sanders.

Also whats the outlook on the recent acquisition of Sanu by the 49ers?

Montgomery and Miles Sanders will be easy starts pretty much every week for you, Cohen will outperform his ADP, however I wouldn’t be happy having both Montgomery and Cohen starting every week - It’ll cap the upside overall and the bears don’t seem very improved so they probably won’t be winning all that much unfortunately. Scott is more of a mystery - have to wait and see on that one. I don’t love having two sets of RB’s on your roster, it might put you in some bad positions on bye weeks etc.

Sanu probably won’t make much of a splash overall, worth a stash and see in a deep league, I wouldn’t be going near him in a normal 10-12 team league.

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Thank you for your reply