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Full ppr - Keenan for Kerryon


Trade away Keenan for Kerryon?

WRs are Tate, Landry, Kennan, Kupp, Geronimo
RBs are Lindsay, Chubb, Duke, Bell, and Michel


As a Keenan owner i wouldn’t, he could have a huge second half of the season like last year.


See I am on the other side of this. I like Kerryon in this trade more. With the broncos on bye soon you will be very limited in your RB depth. Losing keenan will suck but you have a good WR core even if you lose him


I just dropped Duke and picked Lewis back up… to help with the backfield. Think Lewis’s upside is still better than Dukes. Does having lewis help with depth?


I like lewis over duke, not sure if my mind has changed about this trade tho.


Yeah more of a curiosity i guess. I think I can manage a couple more weeks without Bell and rotating WR’s in my flex.


What about Chubb and Keenan for DJ?