Full PPR - Kelce or Ertz?

Full PPR

Travis Kelce @ PIT
Zach Ertz @ TB

The PIT/KC game should be a shootout and I suspect Kelce will be utilized heavily over the middle of the field. I see a lot of upside there, but last week’s usage concerns me.

However, with Sproles OUT for PHI, I can see Ertz getting 12-15 targets. It’s hard for me to trust Foles but that volume is enticing.

  • Travis Kelce @ PIT
  • Zach Ertz @ TB

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How do you have Kelce and Ertz? I would be trying to move one

It’s not a TE premium league, we have 4 FLEX spots so having both is fine.

Why aren’t you playing both then?

Because my other FLEX is M. Thomas

I guess I’m just confused about what the starting positions in your league are. What are the 4 flex spots and who do you have there?

RB/WR/TE - Currently have M. Thomas, Golden Tate, Jarvis Landry and Travis Kelce in those slots

Gotcha. I don’t think you could go wrong playing either one. I’d probably lean Kelce. I think last week’s game was an anomaly