Full PPR - Offered A Jones for J Taylor

12 team Full PPR. League has roster limits. It’s just the format we’ve stuck with since 2004.
I’m 2-3. And need to win b/c my WRs Jefferson and Williams have a BYE next week.

Guy im playing this week offered me A Jones for J Taylor. He’s 1-4 and RBs are Jones, Barkley, J Williams

Taylor has a great matchup v Texans. His bye week is 14 which might be R1 of playoffs. (i think…?)

Rosters are locked in at 2QB 3RB 3WR 2TE 2K 2D
Gameday QB 2RB 2WR TE K D

My team (Scored 221 points in week 5. Third highest score in league history)
QB Jackson, Tannehill
RB Henderson, Mixon, Taylor
WR Jefferson, M Williams, J Jones
TE Pitts, J Smith
K Crosby, Gay
D Ravens, Bengals

I just get bad vibes on this trade. I play the guy who offered it this week and I get rid of my guy who’s done great 2 weeks in a row AND is facing the Texans?

If I lose this week and the week my 2 WRs are out, my season is probably over.