Full PPR pick 2 rest of season

Annoyingly my league has a limit at each position. So, pick 2 full ppr bench rbs

Ronald jones
Boston scott
Chris thompson
Nyheim hines
Zack Moss

(My main rbs are dalvin cook and chris carson and david montgomery. League has a limit of 5 rbs…)

I do feel like Hines may have some sneaky upside with Rivers.

Thompson worries me a bit from injury standpoint but i feel that risk is a wash when compared to the “if they breakout” mindset. (Potential vs actual)

Well, dropped hines for scott with the sanders news. Feel like that hamstring could be recurring throughout the season

Question becomes, do I keep Ronald Jones over the other players?

I wouldn’t. I would keep Zack Moss if it were me. Rojo could be valuable this week, but long term I prefer Moss