Full PPR Pick 3 Keepers

Full point PPR - 2 QB - 2 FLEX (RB/WR and WR/TE) - 3 player keeper:

Melvin Gordon
Kerryon Johnson
Adam Thielen
Zach Ertz
Deshaun Watson

Any advice on what to do after CMC?

McCaffery and Johnson, for me, would be knocking out your RB spots and have the consistent and talent for your RB’s.

For your third:

Gordon - Since its a keeper and you want him to take up a bench spot, then sure, but you have to look as this season and focus on the goal to win, and to me, with Gordon not signing is an issue to me because who knows when or where he will sign.

Thielen - He would make for a great WR with having a great first half last year and a steady of second half, that is last year but he has gotten better over the past 3 years so I think he would be a safe bet.

Etrz - He knocks out getting a TE and not worrying about it later in the draft and potentially settling and maybe have to stream a TE for the season. He is a good TE who in my opinion will get you that consistent score.

Watson - Since it’s two QB league he is a great option because he throws the ball well while he’s on the move. He’ll get those passing yards and rushing yards and some rushing TD’s.

If you’re concerned about about QB’s I would go CMC/Kerryon/Watson because there are a lot WR’s and I would focus on that through the draft.

Thanks for the input! The nice part is having a lot of different options, but each option obviously has its pros and cons. I think McCaffery/Johnson/ Watson is the smart play as QBs fly off the shelves in our drafts and I’m typically a guy who waits. Last year I was able to pair Watson with Big Ben and had steady QB output.

I also think Gordon has the best chance to get back to me at 8th pick out of the bunch. Not that I’d pick him but I think he provides the best bet to retain via draft.

These hold outs are killing me!

I’d definitely go CMC Kerryon and Watson as well