Full PPR, pick one: Evans, Crabtree, Shepard

Hopkins is in my WR1 spot, and my flex is Shady. I can only start one out of Evans, Crabtree, Shepard. Who would you go with in full PPR?

If you want a safe floor probably Crabtree, if you want high upside id go Evans

I am in the Same boat and am choosing between, Evans, Sterling Shepard, or Jay Ajayi in 1/2 PPR.
I’d go Crabtree/Shepard for floor, and Evans for BOOM.

But Evans is inconsistent I am way more drawn to Shepard (great rapport with Manning and favorable matchup) or Crabtree who is Mr. Reliable especially around the Goal line and the Chiefs D is horrible.

Yea it stinks…I thought Evans was an auto start ROS, but when someone rage dropper Crabtree and Shepard I picked them up and now have a dilemma. I’m leaning towards sitting Evans, but now just can’t decide over Crabtree or Shepard.