Full PPR Stream - Lazard or Reagor

I have Lazard, but Reagor is available. Does one have a clear enough advantage over the other? Or is it too close that it doesn’t matter? Do you think either of them may pay off as the season progresses, or sooner rather than later? TIA

I think they are close in value but i would choose Reagor, Lazard looks like he can be a great WR but Reagor could end up as the #1 on the Eagles

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Thanks, as I slept someone else was awake taking Reagor so it’s a moot point now. The other available WRs, we’ll see how well they do after the weekend before I figure out what to do with Lazard.

Despite Reagor getting picked up, is this dynasty or redraft? Think I prefer Lazard early season in redraft.

League is redraft.