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Full PPR Superflex dynasty trade question


This is year one of this league and I’m doing pretty well so far (3-3 - each week is 2 matchups, and I’ve had a couple of tough beats where I was the 2nd or third highest score overall and lost). In the startup draft, I acquired a 2018 1st from a team that’s not doing so well (a few underperforming players and a big investment in Luck will so that). He’s looking to acquire picks and has offered me the following trade: Dalvin Cook and Devante Parker for his first back, my 2018 first, and my 2019 first.

At face value, I actually think this is close to fair, but extremely risky. Heres the rub: my QB situation might be fairly volatile going forward. I waited a bit longer than maybe should have, and my two starters are Dalton (which was a target) and A. Smith, who’s obviously been fine, but may not be a starter half way through next season. Its pretty bleach beyond those two. QBs went crazy fast and there’s essentially nothing not the wires (super deep bench). Without Cook, is suspect he’s getting a top 3 pick, but Luck could also spoil that.

With Cook, I have an obvious cornerstone, and a decent chance at a title this year (at least to the extent we can know that after 3 games). What would you do?


Sorry, didn’t mean to write a book, but it’s a bit complicated.


Could really use some opinions here.