Full PPR tough choice

Defending champion going for back to back.

I got mixon waddle and amon-ra locked in.

Now… pick 2
Lockett (home vs Detroit
Javonte williams @LAC
Swift @SEA
Damien Harris (home vs Jax)

Currently have lockett and javonte but damien has been good even with rhamondre,

swift is a target guy but could he be limited and do I want 3 players in that game?

Lockett is boom or bust with russ

Javonte splits evenly

Need some help here.

Great options.

I’d play Harris first.
Then I would play it by what you need. Those other guys are all late afternoon games…hopefully your opponent is heavy in the 12:00 games.

Javonte and Swift are close imo. With Swift returning, assuming Melvin gordon is active, worse case scenario I think you’d be looking at equal opportunities. If Melvins out I’m going Javonte otherwise probably swift—hoping goff is playing. I’d monitor what the coaching staff is saying about Swift to get an indication of workload. Both are great options in my opinion.

Lockett scares the shit out of me but may have the highest ceiling.

In summation:
Javonte (if Gordon is out)

Good luck

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I mean, javonte if Gordon is out is a smash I would love but I fully expect both which makes it confusing.

Goff is likely out. I was planning to stick with amon-ra as he has been a machine. I think lack of swift and hock has been huge but he has both earned the targets and trust. Plus, hock is out so even with swift back I think he gets targets (full ppr)

Lockett has boom/bust same game.

Damien feels like an easy play but limited practice. Is he ok?

My opponent has 5 players early. Late games are Dak, ekeler, landry and kicker.

I have 6 players. If I start damien I have 7 (out of 9)

I think it’s narrowed down to harris vs javonte for the morning slot.

Then likely lockett

Leaving swift on my bench….

Went with damien harris and lockett

Left javonte and swift in bench

Looks like I made the right moves! Fingers crossed it gets me to a win.

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Get it done?

147.5-109.5 I am up.

He has Landey and pitt kicker (boswell) left tomorrow night.

I feel good about it. If I hold out that will be back to back champion. We do a nice trophy with the winner’s name each year added.

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You should be fine. Landry’s best game this year was week 1 with 16 pts.

Oh yeah, I did win. Back to back Champ! It did feel close at the end though. The kicker got 17pts and if landry had gotten the peoples -jones td it Could have been different.

Anyhow, proper choices made. Lost Henry in the season, lost swift end of season and my qb was burrow or waiver.

Good season.