Full PPR, Trade Barkley for Hunt & Mixon?

Should I make this trade? My other RBs are Powell, Burkhead, Ingram, J. Allen, and Yeldon at this point, so I feel like I need some depth.

You are about to get Ingram back. I think I like the Barkley Ingram combo a lot. Hunt, Mixon, Ingram is lower in my mind. Mixon is out at least 2 weeks, maybe 4. Hunt isn’t being targeted much in the pass game and the KC defense is awful so they are throwing a ton. Barkley is the guy in NY and Ingram is a solid RB2 with weekly RB1 potential. Plus you have Powell who is fine and I really like Buck Allen as a RB as well for a bye week fill in. Trading Barkley is scary as he is such a special player. He is head and shoulders above Hunt and Mixon in talent

If Mixon wasn’t injured I would’ve kept at this immediately. I don’t thunk the giants will be good. If this is t a dynasty league then it may be worth while to offer this trade to this player in a week or two

I was worried about the Giants O line as well, especially with losing their center for the season. I also have first priority on waivers this week, so I could get Bernard too. I do like Barkley/Ingram in theory, but will Barkley be able to get much done with a bad O line getting worse?

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I mean he did have 14 receptions. They will get him the ball any way possible

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True, thanks for the input. I’ll try to hold strong with what I have and hope I can get a few wins while Ingram’s still out.