Full PPR Trade: Chubb, Mixon, K. Allen for Swift, Montgomery, DJ Moore?

Chubb, Mixon, Keenan Allen

Swift, Montgomery, DJ Moore

I would not do it. I think the value of montgomery is going to go down quite a bit. If you look at expected points versus actual points Keenan Allen is at the top of the list. The opportunities have been there. DJ Moore, while a great WR has Darnold as his QB versus Allen with Herbert. And finally, while Swift has been a beast my biggest worry is if the groin starts acting up at all. The Lions have no incentive to have him play through it so the injury risk is pretty high.

Montgomery I feel is the breaking point here. I wouldn’t do it.

Great thoughts. I have a great team but have had to make some major changes because of injuries. I’m also a die hard Lions fan so I just wanted my boy Swift.