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Full PPR trade help


Crabtree for diggs and landry. Who wins?


Diggs and Landry. Full ppr helps both of their values. Even though Parker is the hot topic with cutler, Jarvis will still be solid on third downs like always.


There may be a two problems with Landry.first, Cutler favors Parker and second, Miami is trying to trade Landry. If he goes to the right team, it could be an improvement.


For me it depends on your depth chart. Are you sitting RB heavy? If so, I’d do it and open up my bench to more WR potential as they should all be fairly close in PPR (Crabtree slightly better). If you’re already pretty stacked with WRs I’d just hold him. Crabtree has better redzone potential and will most likely have similar catch/receptions to diggs and Landry. Plus there’s always the Oakland offense to tip the scales in Crabtree’s favor.