Full PPR trade question

In a 2 QB 12 team full PPR picks trading league. Where Rodgers and Brady will go 1 and 2, would you trade picks:

3-24-25 for 12-13-14

I’m thinking of taking David Johnson at 3 to complement my keeper Melvin Gordon.

Or do you think its better to have 12-13-14?

Thanks in advance

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I think you should just pick up D. Johnson at 3. Then you have 2 solid RBs. Then, you can take a couple WRs. Then think about QB. There will be some decent QB available in a 2 QB league. You should be able to compete, and get some great players, while everyone in your is thinking QB. Just don’t wait too long. Let the draft come to you.

I’d take the 3-24-25. If QB’s are going to go early and you can get David Johnson at 3 I think I’d do that. There’s enough WR talent out there to pick up some solid value at 24-25 but there’s not as much RB talent which is why snagging a stud like DJ at 3 is a good thing.