Full PPR trade WR and TE

I have received a trade where I receive
Julio Jones and Evan Engram for
Zach Ertz and Dede Westbrook
Jones would be nice but I don’t trust Engram enough, any thought??

I would take that trade every day. Engram is a step down from Ertz, however Ertz hit his ceiling last year with all the injuries, Engram will have more opportunity without Beckham and is still a great option. Julio is so far ahead of Dede (who i love at his value) I would take this trade as fast as possible.

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i fully agree with @andrewmikkola. Engram isn’t THAT much of a downgrade, but the increase you get in production from Julio > Dede will be more than worth it. Plus, Engram will be looking to be more involved with all the OBJ targets gone, and correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t sterling shepard hurt to start the year?

Take it all day every day.