[FULL] Spots open in a guillotine league

I’m looking to start up a guillotine league on sleeper.
1pt PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 Flex, 5 bench
16 team league with a $25 buy in on leaguesafe and will run the league on sleeper
Matchups don’t matter week to week and the lowest scoring team each week is eliminated and their roster goes to the waiver wire.
1000 in FAAB money, trades open until week 9 and last person standing takes the pot.

I know usually this is a 17 team kind of league, but sleeper only let’s you do 16 or 18 teams and I didn’t want $400+ riding on week 17.

Let me know if you’re interested and leave your sleeper username and I’ll send you the invite.

Hello! I am interested in joining. Username is reaganmartin

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Sleeper is Brainbender if you have spots open still!

12 spots still open for those wanting to try something different.

Lots of spots open yet.

very interested…new fc member… new to sleeper…do I create sleeper account and then send you username?

Yeah, just send me your sleeper username and I’ll send you the invite.

JBaby2020 thanks

Sent you the invite in sleeper

If there’s still spots I’d love to jump in. Sleeper ID is SinisterSmooth

Sending invite in sleeper

Still looking to fill several spots.

i’m interested! rgrove32

I’m in HomeOfJudyChop

Sleeper name is Fballersbum

8 spots still available

Hi, I’m interested in your league. My sleeper name is RickandMorTDs. Let me know if you still have room.

Sleeper name is timHO.

Thanks, my man.