**Full**Superflex IDP Dynasty Start Up!

I’ve always wanted to hop on the dynasty train but could never get enough local people to get involved, but they say the best time to start a dynasty is always now. That said I have gone ahead and started one and only have one spot left for a committed owner

The league is an 8 team IDP Superflex dynasty 1/2 PPR fantasy league with slightly adjusted scoring and many different flex spots to mimic the options a real team would have

Roster: 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (Q/W/R/T), 1 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 FLEX (W/R), 1 FLEX (W/T), 1 K, 2 DL, 2 LB, 2 DB, 2 FLEX (IDP), 22 BN

Custom scoring includes:
1 point for 1st downs (in games are often more important than just yardage)
.1 points per rush attempt (to give better value to high volume players even if their O line is bad)
FG receiving 1 point plus .1 points per yard (instead of a bracketed score based on distance categories)
.04 points per yard for punt and kick returners (gives increased value for players utilized for special teams)

The league will operate on the Sleeper platform and also utilize the Sleeper chat to remain in contact.

If you are interested in joining we are looking for knowledgable and active owners with a positive attitude that could provide a competitive atmosphere in the league. Please send me a direct message with your email where I would send the invite link.


Is there a fee?