Full Tilt Ahead

I was 6-1 and now 6-4 with 2 other teams in my division also 6-4

Zeke kupp and Barkley killed me this week

Do I try and trade away barkley!? Looks injured?

My line up
Watson, winston



Andrews, Ertz

Think I would target Jacobs!?

If you can get big name value for Barkley, I’d say it’s worth a shot. He’s definitely playing hobbled and has a bye next week. I’d say sell, but only sell high. Hopefully he still has bright days ahead.

I’m in the same boat. A guy in my league really wants Saquon. He has Chubb and Henry. Who would be the better back ROS? I am thinking about trying to get one of those RBs and Chark for Saquon and Gallman. Thoughts?

QB - Wilson
RB - Barkley, Gordon, Murray, McCoy, Gallman, Mattison
WR - Lockett, Thielen, Fitz, Pascal, Beasley, Woods
TW - Hooper

Im screwed in my league, I offered barkley for jacobs straight up and was turned down, and no one else is wanting him,

chubb and henry is difficult - id maybe lean henry only as browns now have hunt who looked good in his first game and may take time out of chubb

If you don’t start 2TE, try to move Andrews or Ertz packaging with Barkley for a true upgrade at RB

Yeah will do

Who do you see as a target!?

Cook and kamara owners will not budge!?

Yeah if I’m the cook/cmc owner I’m not trading him. Kamara might be able to be bought. Fournette would be my #1 target after him. Chubb, Carson, Jacobs, Henry are all fine targets. You may not even have to throw in a TE to get it done for some of those guys.

Barkley will hopefully look better after the bye. I think if you can trade him it’s still worth it, but not all hope is lost since the extra rest seems like it could help a lot.