Fuller for Fant trade offer thoughts?

I got a trade offer tonight for my fuller for his fant

12 team full ppr.

my team 1-2
QB: Stafford, Goff
RB: Taylor, Aaron Jones, Swit, Moss, Freeman
WR: Golladay, Woods, Fuller, Dionate Johnson, Preston Williams
TE: Sample, Hooper

His team 0-3

QB: Mahomes
RB: Ingram, Wilson Jr, Mostert, Lindsay
WR: Metcalf, Kenan Cole, Watkins, AJ Brown, MVS
TE: Kittle, Cook, Fant

TEs on the waiver are slim (Eifert, OJ Howard, Olsen, Kroft, etc…)

I do need a TE but I think if I got rid of fuller that would hurt my WR depth

what do you guys think?

Who are the wr on waiver wire?

It will hurt your wr but you really could do with te as an every week play. I’m not sure Fuller manages that without an injury elsewhere in your team.

If there’s a decent wr available you can do the trade drop sample and pick up a wr.


on the waiver there are right now Humphries, Renfrow, Tate, Jefferson, Ward, Beasley, Higgins

bump up for advice

I would go after Jefferson and Higgins. Full ppr means Humphries and Tate isn’t that bad too.

Even if you don’t do that trade I’d look to claim Higgins and Jefferson and drop sample. If you do the trade I’d feel fine dropping Hooper too.

thanks who would be first on priority? I have the 4th waiver pick, Should it be Jefferson or Higgins?

Drop MVS for Jefferson. Higgins is still a kinda wait and see for me. I don’t think green is going to get that few of targets moving forward.

@Rbins40 that’s the other guys team, he has MVS

Oh got it. You got solid WRs. I’d get fant If I we’re you and grab either of the aforementioned receivers.

Fuller is a headache anyways. You never know when to start him cause just as easily as he could go off he could get you 0

I’d take that trade all day long. You can’t trust Fuller. You’ve never been able to trust Fuller, neither to perform nor to stay healthy on a consistent basis. Fant should remain a top 10 TE all season if not a top 5. You can pick up plenty of WR options on the waiver and get the same high-stress crap shot you’ll get with Fuller. You CAN’T pick up a TE on the waivers that will give you what Fant will and you need a good TE. DO IT.

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Thanks guys for the advice! I sent him the trade officially, since we were talking about it via chat. Just waiting on him to accept now

trade done!

Nice! You’re going to like that trade. I have Fant in both of my leagues and he’s been pretty matchup-proof.

yeah my TE situation was pretty bad. I had Saquon and Mark Andrews and Marvin Jones but Saquon is gone so I traded Andrews and Marvin Jones for J. Taylor and donate Johnson. Good thing Fant came to me when he did right now lol

You navigated that situation well. Fant has been a more solid TE than Andrews anyway (just look at last night), Taylor might end up doing better than Barkley would have anyway. Go ahead and laugh at that, but the Giants offense is HORRIFIC and the Colts have a phenomenal O-line. Plus D Johnson is a monster and he’ll be much better for you than Marvin Jones. I’d say your team is actually better than it was before Barkley went down.

thank god last night Andrews didn’t do anything. I was playing the guy I traded him too and I was up by only 9pts at the start of the game. I couldn’t have Andrew score more than 8.9pts lmao. Yeah I hope D Johnson will be back this week from the concussion protocol