Fuller or Jordy?

Need to make a call here - since McCoy didn’t show up on Thursday - I am in a hole.

Jordy is going to be covered by Detroit’s #1 guy and who knows if he will get much targets.

Fuller is BOOM or bust with the Colts Secondary

Who you playing?

I’d play Fuller because jordy has been an absolute zero with Rodgers gone. Plus they might pepper Hopkins with enough targets for them to ease off Fuller

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Not Fuller. He relies on long TD passes and Tom Savage has never thrown a TD. Nelson. Next week you need to try to trade both of them for a reliable WR.

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This is a brutal situation to be in… I’m benching both of them and for good reason.

Can you pick someone off the wavier real quick?

Is Kupp available?

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Unfortunately no…
12 team league and deep. I was eyeing C. Davis but it is a stretch as I am weary to drop starters for a flyer.

c Davis isn’t really a flier he’s the number 1 reciever on that team (supposedly)
He’s definitely better than fuller situation wise Ros in my opinion

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Jordy for me. Fuller was terrific with his QB, but not the number 1 and now he has had little time to work with Savage before the game. Jordy has had more time to get some rapport going with his QB and he the number 1. In a pinch, it’s Jordy for me.

Yep I’d go Jordy in a pinch as well.

Do you have Paul Richardson on wavier?