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As much as I love Will Fuller, I’ve decided to cash in on him. I’ve traded him and Ty Hilton for Hopkins.

Have I done the right thing?

I’m in a standard league.

well you gave yourself more options. He’s about tied with Hopkins. Here’s the thing with Fuller (and i know his td amount seems unsustainable) but i think he’s just the perfect compliment to hopkins this year in that offense. So i don’t think his TD numbers ever drop, i just don’t think he ever gets more receptions. I feel like fuller is going to forever be that 3 catch 1 td minimum player this season that’s always on a broken play because they can’t bottle up him and hopkins.

Hell yeah, that’s the right thing. IF Luck ever plays T.Y. will be a top 10 WR from that point, and Hopkins is better than Fuller and get’s way more targets so his floor is higher while they both have very high ceilings. Fuller has yet to hit his floor and most likely won’t next week against the Colts. Then again, they wont be in a shootout and constantly throwing…

I should try to pull something like this off in my league, I have Hopkins and lacking in WR depth.

I think you read that wrong. He’s the one who traded Fuller and TY Hilton.

Still a good trade imo.

I have Fuller and about to Trade him for Mike Evans


Ahh yes, my reading skill were lacking on that one. So Fuller AND TY for Hopkins. I still think that’s a solid move getting the #1 guy in Houston. There’s no way Fuller can keep up this pace and there’s still doubt about Luck playing at all, so I still like it.

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Thanks for the reassurance folks