Fuller's season to end --- on my bench :'(

We just never could get the timing right, Will Fuller and I. Was able to pick him up after Week 3, surprisingly. Finally made it into my lineup, mostly out of necessity, in Weeks 5 and 6. Was able to win IN SPITE of him, but I was like F it, back to my bench you go.

And then of course has his best game of the year last night, only for his season to probably end. Our rocky relationship is going to end with his 25.4 points on my bench, and me only getting 9 total points out of him this year. :cry: R.I.P. Will, I hope you can serve someone better in the future.

P.S. on the same note, he was in good company with Drake also on my bench :sob::sob:

hope he’s able to strike back next year … I rly like him!

I wanted to like him! Then those 2 games in a row were enough for me. I should’ve traded him when I had the chance. I’m deep at WR with M. Thomas, Adams, and Golladay, so I didn’t need Fuller necessarily (other than bye weeks), but the depth was nice and I certainly could’ve flipped him for something. Now he’s just gonna be another drop for nothing :frowning:

i feel ya buddy.
I had him starting before woods heated up so i got a couple good games out of him at least.

But yeah big night on my bench to end things.
at least he went out in style with a 73 yard showstopping TD.

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