Fullllly tilting

Fantasy football is cruel, first round of the playoffs I barely squeaked into and as the 6th seed playing the 3rd seed.

Adjusted my line up (QB,RB,WR) based on the weekly rankings and now instead of being up 22 points with more players remaining (aka win my matchup) I’m down 37pts

Played Russ (11pts) over Jameis (38pts)

Played Snell (2pts) over Manny Sanders (34pts)

Also played Penny who got hurt his first touch but this is just a case of me literally doing everything I needed to do to lose. Guess there’s next year…

That’s fantasy football… when you take a Bad beat like that just completely check out of fantasy for a month or so and re-group for next year and maybe add another league or two so you can increase your adds of winning every year

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at least you made the playoffs. Last week I played Darnold over Watson like a lot of others did. Lost my game by 14 and finished 8th. i would have been the 4 seed with a win if I had played Watson.

Same here. I benched Deebo, Brees, and Cook for Doyle, Dak, and Penny. Luckily it’s a 2 week first round playoff but yeah, super disappointing!


It took:

Lev Bell out with illness

Playing Russ (11pts) over Jameis (38pts)

Flexing Snell (2pts) over:
Manny Sanders (34pts)
David Johnson (13pts)
Drake (10pts)
Mattison (8pts)

And Rashaad Penny needed to tear his ACL on his first touch of the game after a 16 yard screen play for me to lose by


There were 12 FA defenses I could have played that would have secured me the win but I stuck with Philly thinking they had to deal with old man Eli who ended up looking like prime time Peyton in the first half