Fun Idea for a cross podcasts league

Hi footclan members, I’m looking to start a league that is half footclan members and half rotounderworld minion supporters. I have the minions already. Anyone interested? I was thinking a standard or super flex half ppr dynasty. 12 teams starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 3 Flex, 1 TE, 1 Super flex…no defense nor kicker …on sleeper app and league safe $50 annual

That does sound cool. I’m interested.
Sleeper: ragincajun42


Not sure if I’ll get enough interest or not but I’ll save you a spot. I’ll keep you posted.

Is this still happening? If so I’d be interested.

im interested as well

I’m in.

sleeper: dapperdabber

If you are still looking, I would be interested.

Sleeper - Wildlings

I am down I have been looking to do something on sleeper


@darider97 i think that is 6 for the footclan if we wanna do this


What are the plans for drafting - are you looking to do a live draft - or would you be doing a slow draft?

I actually joined another startup so I wouldn’t be able to join you guys. I’m TreBooBoo



100% down ready to go… lmk

Sorry. League is full

Sorry. League is full

Sorry league filled

Am I in or no lol I got 2 separate emails

Hey I just saw this I’m good to go what the draft looking like?