Fun Keeper Question for Next Season

I can only keep one of these guys but they get to stay on my team for last years draft cost. Standard scoring, no PPR.

Gurley in the 2nd round.


Kamara in the 15th round.

Most of you will probably say Kamara in the 15th because of the value and that totally makes sense because he is practically free and should be an RB1 barring injury. However, I love and I mean love Todd Gurley because he is finally the elite back that we all knew he could be under the right offense. He won me my first ever fantasy championship last season in the playoffs all by himself. He is most certainly going to be drafted either 1.01 or 1.02, so unless I get lucky he won’t be on my team this season if I do not keep him. Which one of these guys would you choose to keep? I am curious to hear some of your responses here. Thanks!

I would Say Kamara , but Im biased on him when he won me The Draft WSOF title . If it was a PPR Id say Kamara , but its not . If it was a .5 PPR id say Kamara . You have to go Gurley in a 2nd round pick . Imagine you getting a Premium back in rd 1 to go along with that …

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There is no wrong answer here. First off if you LOVE Gurley then there is no shame in keeping him. That’s part of the fun of fantasy is being biased for “your guys.” But Gurley in the 2nd is still a tremendous value and honestly, you could still wind up with Kamara as your pick in round 1. If not, you will still have a solid RB like Freeman available or a high wideout like Green or Evans. Not a bad way to start the year mate!

All that said, Kamara in the 15th is daaaamn juicy lol! Good luck and have fun!

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Above are my thoughts exactly. Kamara in the 15th round is incredible value but one of the best parts of fantasy is rooting for guys you love on Sunday. And it’s not like Gurley in the second isn’t value because as you said the latest he’s going is the 1.02. Making this decision is a great problem to have!

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I am fine going either or, it is a win-win situation. I would lean towards Kamara though because it is insane value for a 15th round pick, but this is a great situation to be in.

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It’s Kamara. That value is absolutely absurd.

Think of it this way: Kamara and Devante Adams (because that’s a guy you could reasonably get in the 2nd) or Gurley and Nelson Agholor (because that’s a guy you can reasonably expect to get in the 15th). That’s not that close to me.

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What happens next year though? How are the players going to be valued if you decide to keep them again?

Think about it like this…IF you had Gurley, would you trade him away for Kamara plus whoever you could get in the 2nd (ie another low end RB1 or high end WR1)?

dang, DFWB beat me to it…those are my thoughts exactly

Next year is irrelevant because we have a rule in our league that says you can only keep a player one time. I would have to pick a different player for next year based off of this year’s draft.

I was honestly leaning Kamara because of the insane value that he has in the 15th. I get 14 picks ahead of him and even with some regression he should still be an RB1. Thanks for all of the replies everyone!