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What’s your personal draft pick choice? I usually end up getting the 5th or 6th pick EVERY flipping year somehow, which, to be honest I really haven’t been real upset over. BUT…with the first or last picks of a round you get back to back picks (in snake of course) which I could definitely see the advantage in because you could get the next two best available players.

Of course that also means that with the first pick you have a LOT of PRIME players gone in the first two rounds before it gets back to you. Which brings me to the reason for posting this. What pick have you found to be your personal favorite either from experience or druthers and why? Just curious as to the general concensus on this from the CLAN of experience. 10 TEAM - FULL PPR Thanks y’all!!!

I personally like picking at the turn, so I prefer an earlier pick, although I don’t like waiting so long to get back. I’m in 3 leagues so far this season and I’ve picked at 3, 7, and 10 (all 10 team leagues).

So far, my best drafts have been at 7 and 10, with 10 being my best, surprisingly. I think I enjoyed picking at 7 the most. My draft at 3 got messed up (lost connection in round 3, ended up with Fitzgerald…), but through trades my team is doing okay.

In a 10 team league, I think you can do alright at the end. You just have to be smart with your picks once you get outside the first few rounds. Stay flexible in your strategy and get some gems at the end and I think it goes okay.

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@hurricanetht - Thanks for joining in. Yeah, that’s the worst part about those first couple of picks, but at the same time, those SUPER STUDS aren’t gonna last past the first 4 - 6 picks, so…it definitely has it’s perks.

I couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph. Staying calm and keeping an open mind is usually the key to feeling good about your roster when all’s said and done. Nothing will kill your draft quicker than flying into panic mode when your targeted players get nabbed up right before your pick and then you’re squandering in a fluster to figure out who to grab. (LOL, I know from experience when I first started playing years ago that’s a lot easier said than done. But I will say that using TIERS and CHEAT SHEETS made a world of difference in that aspect.)

We haven’t had our draft order set yet. That will be in the next week or two, so, not sure where I’m sitting this year yet.
Anyway, thanks again @hurricanetht. Your thoughts were fun to read. Best of Luck to you my friend!!

(Also…just a note here to everybody else…in my original post I realized after re-reading it that it may have sounded as if I was only interested in hearing from those on 10-team leagues. I simply listed that because that’s what mine is. So please don’t let that keep you from responding.)

I like 4 or 9. I feel like that’s a pretty good spot to take advantage of tiers. In my experience having the back to back picks means having to reach at times, you’re also more vulnerable to runs happening between your picks. I play in 12 team leagues.

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Hey @BennebiJones. Thanks for your imput. And yes…you brought up a very good point that also can throw a lot of drafters off track. Those runs on the RB/WR. A lot of stud backs/receivers start going one after the other and people get into an instant sweat thinking they better jump on that wagon QUICK while they still have the chance.

If you’re smart about it, you can go the opposite direction and get everybody else to follow suit, and then, VOILA…the player you were hoping would make it back to you very possibly may. Not always of course, but it works more than a lot might think.

Thanks again @BennebiJones. Best of Luck to ya!!!

6 would be my preference. I think there’s q clear tier drop after the top 6 guys, and I’m perfectly happy with any of them, so I’ll take the last one left.

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@DFWB…yep. And seems like this year even more so. And because of that I’m figuring my luck will change this year and I won’t get that 5th or 6th pick like I do EVERY year. LOL

But, I will have to say that, if I were to be completely honest, I’m not gonna kick and scream too hard with anybody that seems to be going in the first round. Lotta good ones this year. It’s the second round that I think will probably start to get pretty intense. Especially around the turn of the 2nd and 3rd.

I think the draft is gonna be a lot of fun this year. Lotta good pickins. Can’t wait!!!

Thanks for pitching in my friend. Good luck this year!!!

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