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Fun With Keepers -- Who you got for Team ButterFace?


Super early, but Mr. ButterFace would love to hear who he should keep in his 10-team standard league, where he has the 1.09 (and 2.02, etc.) in the draft…

Keeper Rules:
– Teams can keep as many players as they want.
– Backstop of 10th round for any late picks or FA pickups.
– The number of keepers equals the number of rounds each keeper will jump from last year’s draft position. (For example: keep 2 guys, both jump 2 rounds. Keep 4 guys, all 4 jump 4 rounds.)

Possible Keepers… with Last Year’s Draft Round:

  • DeMarco (round 3)
  • Alshon (4)
  • OBJ (6)
  • CJ Anderson (8)
  • Derick Henry (12)
  • Pryor (FA)
  • Mike Gilly (FA)
  • Tyrod (FA)
  • Mariota (FA)
  • Taylor Gabriel (FA)

Teams typically keep 2 or 3 guys. QB is 4pt passing. (1Q, 2W, 2R, 1F, 1T)
Thanks #FootClan!


My first instinct is to keep Pryor and Gilly for nothing. Then maybe Henry for 9? Or I guess that would make him a 8, but Pryor, Gilly and Henry in rds 8-10 seems pretty solid to me.


I LOVE those keeper rules…I gotta try proposing that in our league. I think- if I’m understanding it correctly, I’d keep OBJ and Pryor. In that case OBJ would be kept as the 4th rounder and Pryor as the 8th?


Or like Iwrestle said, include Henry and then OBJ as 3rd, Henry in 9th, and Pryor in 7th. All still sounds like good value to me


I’d probably Keep OBJ, Henry and Pryor.
OBJ in the 3rd, Henry in the 9th and Pryor in the 10th is A-OK with me.

Or Possibly OBJ in the 4th and CJ in the 6th. I’m liking CJ this year.

Those keeper rules make it VERY interesting…


I’d lean towards OBJ, Pryor and Gilly. OBJ in the 3rd and Pryor and Gilly for free is great value all around.


I don’t think he’s able to keep players for free. His post says a backstop of the 10th for any FA pick ups.


Thanks! If I kept OBJ and Pryor, it’d be for the 4th and 10th rounds.

…We had to explicitly spell out how the “backstop of 10th round” works – with the rationale that the cost (even for those late round guys) should go up the more guys we keep. For two keepers, the late-round (or free agent) keeper would be in the 10th. But for more than that, the cost goes up – 3 keepers, a FA gets kept in the 9th. 4 keepers, a FA gets kept in the 8th, etc.

It essentially puts a limit on the number of keepers: A team could keep 6 free agents… but it’d cost their Rounds 1 through 6. (It’s never happened.)


Yep, I think OBJ and Pryor are pretty well locked. Can’t complain about locking up my starting WRs before the draft starts. But since my 4th round pick is 4.02, I might as well keep one more guy since the difference between that and the 3.09 is, well, basically nothing, right?

…But then it’s down to hoped valued (Gilly), hope for return to value (CJ), or hope for future value (Henry). Tough to know just yet. Hopefully the preseason offers some answers! Thoughts?


Oh I missed that part. 9/10th round is still great value for both of them though.


Take the hit on Henry and keep him this year, because next season I think he’ll be the every down back for Tenessee.

OBJ, Pryor and Henry.


Depends on what happens to their value. Sure going from 4.02 to 3.09 isnt a bad drop, but next year will obj be valued at a third rounder instead of a fourth? So if you keep 2 guys you wont get that incredible value? I mean pryor will still be an outragous value but if that is how it works you might consider if ranking up their value now is worth it just to keep henry, someone you could still pick up later. Just this poor mans opinion.


Thanks for your input! And you’re entirely right: Odell is a huge value at any round outside of the 1st, and every additional round is a great benefit. It ends up being that tough gamble of “will that additional cost of a round bite me next year?”

I’ve found over time with this format that you gotta be perpetually in Win Now Mode… and planning for next year rarely goes as planned. (I kept Alshon for three years just waiting… waiting…)

Odell is about as sure of a thing as can be, but then again, I’d rather get a guy like Gilly or Henry or CJ Anderson for next to nothing at the cost of 1 round of Odell. Just for the sake of having more value on my team at the start of the draft and more options of stud guys who could have great seasons.

Because I’ve also gone the route in this format where I’d only keep 1 guy (since it’d only cost 1 round)… only to have my one keeper get hurt early in the season. Blech.

Doesn’t mean I won’t go that 2-keeper route as you mentioned. It’ll largely depend if I can trade back in that 4th round for value elsewhere!


How did you manage to get OBJ in the 6th? Has he just been kept from his rookie year on?


Yep! Also traded for CJ Anderson when he got injured and have had Alshon on my squad since… well… whenever he last played close to a full season.

(Also trying to do whatever I can to trade for :musical_note: David Johnson :musical_note: who was kept in the 7th last year, but that’ll be a long-shot, very costly trade!)


I would keep Demarco and OBJ. OBJ is a top 6 player and Demarco would be a top 15, and then you get an early round 2 pick. That is huge value and you start your draft with a stud RB and WR.

Value drafting is nice, but I want the studs.


Definitely a solid point.

The decision on that for me will be if the number of studs available at my first pick give me a chance to get DeMarco or a guy of equivalent value. There’s a chance DeMarco will be to valuable to let back into the draft pool…

…but fortunately, our keeper setup typically leads to much of the 1st Round talent from the previous season being available in the draft the next: Lev, Juilo, AB, Zeke, LeSean, Melvin, AJ Green, Jordy and DeMarco (if I let him go) are likely to be available. That being the case, there’ll be a 100% chance I get one of those guys… and then it’s a matter of how bad I want that to be DeMarco. And if I do, then it costs a round for every other keeper to do so. (And gets in the way of me keeping other guys too.)